Acquisitions & Investments

Gaensel’s 2022-2023 investment program includes the reorganization of the management locations by zone of operations for each business division with the objective to reduce travel expenses and obtain maximalism of control of the productivity.
The Company will complete all acquisitions and financing in order to achieve the goals of every single investment in terms of quality and economic results. After more than 2 years of diversified experience the management teams are now ready to directly participate with the founders co-owners to the business consolidation in Europe. The Company will also utilize it United States partners to facilitate the expansion of our European and Swiss Companies into Canada, United States and Latin America.


Swiss Stem Cell Biotech

SSCB was founded as a private bank for the cryopreservation of human stem cells obtained from blood and cord tissue for both autologous and allogeneic intra-family use. Gaensel Energy Group, its global partner, is developing new entities in the United States, Canada, and Latin America to bring the Stim Cell technology into these markets under the SSCB Brand.

Cosmetic Beauty Rejuvination

RE-YOU SUISSE is an innovative Swiss star-up that brings the excellence of regenerative medicine throughout Europe. RE-YOU SUISSE deals with regenerative medicine, a branch of medicine that aims to repair damaged tissue through cell regeneration and not replacement. It is based on the use of stem cells, which are distinguished from other cells because they have the ability to regenerate and specialize. Gaensel Energy Group, its global partner, is developing new entities in the United States, Canada, and Latin America to bring the Re-You technology into these markets with a partnership with our partners in Switzerland, Periso and SSCB and experts in the Cosmetic Surgery, Dermatology and Homeopathic healthcare fields.


The core business of Periso is to identify and meet new needs, create new technologies with unbridled ideas on the cutting edge supporting product developments within the framework of diagnostic and non-invasive rehabilitation medicine; energy production and storage, with a view to sustainable economic development; installations for environmental diagnostics and production systems, road safety and industrial and military applications. Periso strength is joining different disciplines and contents coming from different areas of study (electronic engineering, materials engineering, mathematics, physics, medicine, industrial design, computer engineering, chemistry, biology etc.), by integrating and completing them with the competence of our personnel.


Caffe Monlenapoleone 1838

Caffè Montenapoleone 1838 is synonymous with coffee blends and much more. The is, in 1838 , one of the pioneers in Italy in the automatic distribution sector. In 1993, thanks to the experience gained, he founded the company which is among the first to offer coffee, infusions and solubils in capsules. Montenapoleone 1838 is able to provide a complete service to its Customers: from the roasting of coffee, to the production of coffee capsules with the relative customization of the packaging and capsules, up to the production of machines for domestic and professional use. The rapid and constant evolution of the market has led us to expand the proposed range, including the most popular capsule formats on the market.

ILDA Investment Ltd, England

ILDA Investment Ltd. is an International Conglomerate for Commodities. The Company primary business consists of over 100 years in Coffee and Cacao throughout Colombia and South America, ILDA has extensive networks for other products in South America including petroleum, live stock, renewable energy and shipping. Gaensel Energy and ILDA Investments have developed a mutual investment to manage the Coffee Division and long term trading of Coffee Commodities,


Micro Espresso is a Canadian coffee company based in Montreal, Québec since 2015. The Company has 4 divisions: Coffee service for big industries and offices.Italian cafe Micro Espresso Torrefazione, a roster for green coffee. Web coffee and supplies e-commerce dedicated to the retail and wholesale of coffee pods and coffee capsules and hot drinks of the best brands, both original and compatible with the addition of its own brand that enhances quality and convenience. Micro Espresso operates in the e-commerce sector both as a private supplier for the user and as a sole supplier to other owners of coffee shops, guaranteeing affordable prices. Compatible pods and capsules of the most important brands on the market are available, such as Nescafè, Nespresso, Illy, Bialetti, Kimbo, Gimoka, Borbone, Toda, Caffitaly.


Angelo Caroli SRL, Milan, Italy

ANGELO CAROLI operates in the luxury made-in-Italy sector and has developed a project for the expansion in Europe, Asia and North America.
In May 2022, Angelo Caroli announce the opening of a new spa and wellness center in Roma, Italy, at the hotel Palazzo Dama, 2 Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia. After the opening of the showroom in New York and Sofia the business program of Angelo Caroli is focused on the reorganization and expansion of his primary activity: the wellness spa. Angelo Caroli is a pioneer of the luxury Italian spa with successful launch of Gianfranco Ferre’s wellness center in Milan, St Moritz at the Palace Hotel and Dubai. The new concept will include a permanent showroom of his new line of perfumes, sunglasses and leather accessories. With the support of Gaensel Energy financing, Angelo Caroli had the opportunity to reorganize and redesign the business expansion of his brand: 1)The opening of new showrooms in Milan, Sofia and New York 2) the reorganization of his primary business based on a very successful activity of spa and wellness centers. 3) the online sale of new lines of luxury fashion products as sunglasses, shoes, lather and perfumes.

Green and Renewable Energy


Gaensel has created a conglomerate through partnerships to facilitate the 360º capabilities required in this new global phase of renovation which includes financing, project management and supply chain with fulfills the role as the general contractor. The Group is staffed by Italy's top engineers and technicians and is developer of industry game-changer POLYFIX® PANEL, a patented energy-saving, environmentally friendly solution for the building materials/supplies industry. The Companies currently has over $87,000,000,00 in contracts approved by Italy’s Agenzia delle Entrate and eligible for the 110% Government Grant Housing Financing Program. This financing gives Gaensel and his participant partners the leverage and momentum conducive to expanding contracted revenues to more than $1 Billion USD before the end of 2023 as the companies creates jobs and revenue for the construction/building materials, real estate, and green energy industries.


Gaensel has created a conglomerate through partnerships to facilitate the 360º capabilities required in this new global phase of renovation which includes financing, project management and supply chain with fulfills the role as the general contractor. The Group is staffed by Italy's top engineers and technicians and is developer of industry game-changer POLYFIX® PANEL, a patented energy-saving, environmentally friendly solution for the building materials/supplies industry. PROTONSTAR Sagl, Lugano, Switzerland, founded in 2015, is a Research & development company, specializing in trade of technological devices in the energy industry who patented their Nickel Based Energy Storage System: Patent number PCT/IB2018/051315 Protonstar holds the patent on the “Protonstar Battery System, which is a “Hydrogen Nickel based energy storage system.” The storage system is a revolutionary new kind of battery that hopes to disrupt in the energy market and provide pollution free energy for both the commercial and retail markets. Currently in the development stage, the battery itself is an “Energy storage system composed of an electric generator, an electrochemical cell inside which an insulating substrate is inserted and onto which a nickel matrix is deposited, the roughness of which has a peak of about 5nm.” The system is able to store energy in the nanometrically deposited Nickel matrix on an alumina support. The differences between the new Protonstar Battery System as compared to currently available technology is : Not chemically based Not Lithium based Has theoretically unlimited charge/discharge cycles Battery lifespan subject to electronics controls circuits The charge-discharge math model and loss is different from the L-ion battery technology because in the L-ion battery the terms I2 is dominant at high current, in Protonstar Battery System it is linear with I; It means that the loss is I times better than the L-ion tech. At a fast charge/discharge mode the efficiency degree respect equivalent L-ion based technology increases drastically.

Data Management & Technology


Metro VR Studios is an independent software, gaming, and virtual reality development company located in Boston, Massachusetts. The company’s core focus is on developing high-quality, character-driven action & adventure games for virtual reality on Oculus and PS4. On January 18, 2022, Metro VR Studios of Boston, Massachusetts and School Responder of Lancaster, Pennsylvania announced a Metaverse-based, joint development agreement. The partnership will result in a VR/MR communication process and EdTech system that enhances student health, wellness and safety. The ground-breaking platforms of SchoolResponderTM (K-12) and CampusResponderTM (Colleges and Universities) are designed to enable school districts and higher education facilities to meet new Federal and State law requirements related to incident reporting and communication resource plans. The School Responder platforms provide a turnkey solution for safer, real-time compliance with these new legislations, and operates a dedicated grant-writing team that assists in applying for and acquiring the funding necessary to implement their end-to-end solutions


OVERSKY has been operating since 2013 with the aim of developing, producing and marketing a range of services and products in the digital marketing sector, and specializes in management of quality profiled databases with an excess of 20,000,000 contacts throughout Italy and Europe.


Esarc Hi-Tech Srl develops, manufactures, and distributes audio systems and loudspeakers using magnetostrictive technology. Esarc Hi-Tech Srl is a 30 years old company working since 2002 on the development of innovative audio system using magnetostrictive technology. Changing radically the concept of sound diffusion, the Esarc products transform any existing surface they are placed on into an high quality loudspeakers (walls, false ceilings, windows, tables, etc.). A simple sound wave from an MP3 player or other source travels through the surface, resulting in homogeneous sound propagation. Once placed behind the surfaces, our products are actually invisible loudspeakers, plus the incredible benefit of make the entire wall or false ceiling sound with the same acoustic performance in every part.


Automecc SRL was founded in 2020 by the owner Mr. Carlo Mattei, who has over thirty years of work experience in the production and management of components for machinery dedicated to the various industries.


Gate is Milano, Italian based Marketing, Medial and Editorial and Entertainment Group,, with assets and activities in magazines and media industry. Our Group will own and operate the magazine airline magazine Gate, including an exclusive patented mobile software application, GATE. The magazine GATE is the new edition of Ulisse 2000, which for many decades services the Alitalia’ airplanes and lounges The Gate app is an innovative software application which, once released, will provide services dedicated to airport activities and an exclusive airport database known as Osservatorio. Gate is and has been actively operating as services provider in several Italian airports including but not limited to Rome Fiumicino FCO.

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